Baltic Porter - 9.5% ABV
Brewed by Sean Greelish - Brewmaster

"Pagan Night" is a Baltic Porter, a unique blend of characteristics from both Russian imperial stouts and English porters. Our original award-winning batch was aged for six months in Spanish oak barrels that formerly contained Syrah wine. "Pagan Night" is a delicious dark pour with a complex profile. The chocolaty malt aroma leads into a full-bodied taste of roasted malt. Flavors of dried fruit complement a spicy hop character with low hop bitterness. Lastly, subtle notes of oak and wine provide a crisp finish. "Pagan Night" is a high grav beauty that will make you want to dance in the moonlight.

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Montagne Noire
ABV/IBU: 6.0%/--  Black Lager (LAGER)

Our German Schwarzbier won a medal at the 2020 Best Florida Beer competition. Montagne Noire balances roasted yet smooth malt flavors, moderate hop bitterness, and pleasant chocolate notes on the finish.

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Hell Yeah!
ABV/IBU: 7.1%/34
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Honey Jalapeno Cornbread Lager (FRUIT/SPICE)
Our flagship beer. The scent of jalapeno serves as a warning, but the savory honey cornbread flavor lulls you along just long enough so that the spicy tail-end is a subtle surprise.

Wizards' Wit
ABV/IBU: 5.5%/--

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Created by our Head Brewer, Wizard's Wheat is a medium-bodied, hazy wheat beer. Mild serrano and poblano peppers add a magical zing.

Bzzzed Off
ABV/IBU: 9.7%/--
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Double IPA (HOPPY)
The aroma of orange blossoms and honey and a full-bodied presence makes this DIPA a customer favorite. Just ask Sean's wife!

Norbert's Valkyrie
ABV/IBU: 9.0%/--
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Belgian Double
Flavors of caramel with vanilla and fruity esters reminiscent of plums and cherry. Cara's favorite!

Berend Brown (a.k.a.) The Shump
ABV/IBU: 6.6%/20
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Northern English Brown Ale (BALANCED)
Nutty and malty, this traditional Northern English Brown is a creamy, smooth sipper. Earthy English hops and specialty English malts are a perfect complement to each other. It's Heather's favorite, and Jeff's as well!

Hopster Bisque
ABV/IBU: 7.3%/--

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Hopster Bisque is a slighly hazy IPA infused with a unique blend of our "hop soup," which inclues Citra and Calypso hops, making it an aromatic and refreshing IPA with citrus notes.

Pinellas Trail Cream Ale
ABV/IBU: 6.5%/20
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Cream Ale (BALANCED)
An ale that drinks so smooth and easy that would be perfect to sip on all the way down the Pinellas Trail!

The Weekender
ABV/IBU: 7.0%/--
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American Amber (BALANCED)
"Weekender" has a solid malt backbone with a crisp taste. It finishes smooth across the palate with the gentle aroma of Amarillo hops.

Orange Belt
ABV/IBU: 7.0%/--
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Citrus Pale Ale (PALE ALE)
Named after the old train line that ran through Pinellas County, this smooth sipper is  made with Florida oranges and grapefruit zest.

The Shire
ABV/IBU: 10.4%/24
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Barley Wine (BALANCED)
Those pesky hobbitses have been at it again! Aged in red wine barrels, this ale has plum and oak flavors.

ABV/IBU: 5.3%/38

Bohemian PILSNER

Mothra is a crystal clear, pale gold, bitter German lager. It boasts excellent head retention, floral Saaz hops aroma, crisp malt flavor and a clean finish.

Soul Candy
ABV/IBU: 5.8%/24
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“Soul Candy” is spiritual comfort food. From the mild roasty coffee aroma, to the chocolaty malt sweetness, to the full-bodied, dark creaminess, “Soul Candy” is a sensual delight that makes life worth living.

Weinz & Franz
ABV/IBU: 5.5%/--
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Hefeweizen (WHEAT)
Light golden in color, this easy-drinking beer is a unique blend of two carefully cultivated yeasts. Guaranteed to pump you up!

ABV/IBU: 7.2%/--

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Belgian Blonde (LAGER)
A balance of malts and delicate Belgian yeast combine to create a lightly toasted lager with a subtle spiced flavor and mild hop aroma.

The Quest?on
ABV/IBU: 6.5%/74
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American IPA (IPA)
The “Quest?on” is a classic American IPA. Before you taste it, admire its clear medium gold color and the aroma of Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, and Amarillo hops. The hop forward character of your first sip is subtly balanced by a minimal malt delivery. Then the hop flavor and bitterness linger pleasantly into the aftertaste.

ABV/IBU: 9.0%/--
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Belgian Tripel
Abby-Normal is a classic Trappist-style ale with aromatic spicy, fruity, and light alcohol notes.

Mr. Bill's Pils
ABV/IBU: 6.4%/--

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American Pilsner (PILSNER)
Ohhhhh noooooo! How have you not tried this beer yet? With low sweet malt flavor and bitter hop, this clear golden pilsner is a classic.

ABV/IBU: 7.8%/--

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Scotch Wee Heavy

Just like Uncle Angus used to make! A malty brew with a medium body, sweet aroma and notes of caramel, and a pleasant mouth feel.

Black Sheep
ABV/IBU: 10.4%/60

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Imperial Porter

If you're looking for a gentle lamb, this ain't it. This strong, dark beer has a big personality that stands out from the flock. With roasty coffee notes.

Magically Delicious
ABV/IBU: 6.6%/--

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Belgian Blonde

A seasonal St. Patty's Day favorite of our regular customers. Made with yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, and a sprinkling of leprechaun magic.

The 1888
ABV/IBU: 6.5%/47

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American Pale Ale

A highly sessionable APA. Perfect for poolside.

Cider Boys--First Press 
ABV/IBU: 5.0%/--

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Hard Cider--Guest Cider

It's your old favorite: sweet, crisp, and tart. And all grown up.

B. Nektar Meadery--Zombie Killer
ABV/IBU: 5.5%/--

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Hard Cider--Guest Cider

Hard cider with honey and cherry.